You don’t have to choose between safety and passion.

Sex & Attachment Therapy that gets you the relationships you truly desire.

My Work

Do your relationships bring more joy or more pain?

If you’ve been dating for awhile, odds are there’s a pattern to your relationships. Perhaps you end up chasing partners that don’t seem to want you as much, or you’re drawn to people who you end up helping.

Either way, after the first few months you probably don’t feel the emotions you wish you’d feel – in the bedroom or out of it.

There’s a reason these patterns happen. If you’re ready to break free from your relationship cycles, I’m here to help.

{I have this deep re-found gratitude of having survived something, utterly fascinating and beautiful and terrifying. Your really experienced and competent guidance helped me come through it.{
{A lot of wealthy men I have dated mistake “hot and sexy” as something worth “owning”. Not love... just lust and ownership. Transactional... nothing more. Until my therapy with you... I was kinda doing the same thing. ☺ Thank you again Mr Mars for helping to find my soul. ☺🙏{
{I was struggling massively with a very painful break up within the midst of lockdown. Had I not read your posts, I would not have started the road to real healing, and would not be in the better mental and emotional state I am now. I barely recognize my behavior and attitudes from 5/6 months ago and now understand the reasons behind them. So thank you. 💕 {
{Ever since our conversation I’ve had a weight lifted of my shoulders. 7.5 months post breakup and I feel like I’m 2 steps away from exiting the tunnel of heartbreak. Thank you again for all the help you offered.{

My Approach

Treat people, not problems.

Are you tired of approaches that label you with “addictions” and “disorders”, and only manage symptoms?
You’re in the right place. My work focuses on building you up, and your three cores of connection.


Love doesn’t have to be painful.
I use Attachment Theory as a guide to help you build safe, warm, and responsive relationships.


Sex can be rewarding, not stressful.
With Tantra we learn how to express our individuality sexually, making sex meaningful and satisfying. 


Our Shadow is our repressed side. 
When we make peace with parts of our selves that we had buried, we can become a whole person.

My Writing

The key to change is understanding.

I write for people who want a deeper understanding of themselves. The concepts here are not my personal opinions, but rather the wisdom I’ve collected from psychologists and healers from around the world, backed by research and science.

Get In Touch

Personal Coaching

If you’ve reached a point where you’re stuck on your own, I’m here to work with you over chat or video sessions. Wherever you’re at in your journey, together we will create your unique map to the relationships you desire.