If you journeyed into the deepest parts of your self…

What beauty might you find?

Integrative Therapy

Transform your Inner Conflict into Inner Guidance

The worst part when our lives break down is never the  pain itself. It’s the knowledge that deep down we knew better, but ignored our intuition until it was too late.

So we try to think smarter, stay safer, cope better – but somehow our patterns keep happening. The things we want don’t seem to be compatible with each other, and instead of finding wholeness we take turns sacrificing parts of ourselves.

If you’re ready to change, it’s time to reclaim your life.


Different paths to Wholeness.

Discover how your childhood influences the people you date, why you fight, and how to turn from heartbreak to love.

Through ancient techniques, learn to connect your intimacy needs with your desired level of sexual intensity.

Dive into the unconscious reactions & patterns of your ego, and get in touch with your true self underneath

Explore traditional medicines that re-connect you with the beauty of your inner self, and of the world around you.

About Dace Mars

M.Ed., Canadian Certified Counsellor

I combine Eastern philosophies (Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism) with Western science & Jungian psychology.

My work has helped hundreds of people around the world get out of painful patterns, and into the kind of friendships & relationships they’d always wanted. 

Though I run a counselling center in Vancouver, Canada, I am currently based in Asia & working with clients worldwide via video calls.

{I have this deep re-found gratitude of having survived something, utterly fascinating and beautiful and terrifying. Your really experienced and competent guidance helped me come through it.{
{A lot of wealthy men I have dated mistake “hot and sexy” as something worth “owning”. Not love... just lust and ownership. Transactional... nothing more. Until my therapy with you... I was kinda doing the same thing. ☺ Thank you again Mr Mars for helping to find my soul. ☺🙏{
{I was struggling massively with a very painful break up within the midst of lockdown. Had I not read your posts, I would not have started the road to real healing, and would not be in the better mental and emotional state I am now. I barely recognize my behavior and attitudes from 5/6 months ago and now understand the reasons behind them. So thank you. 💕 {
{Ever since our conversation I’ve had a weight lifted of my shoulders. 7.5 months post breakup and I feel like I’m 2 steps away from exiting the tunnel of heartbreak. Thank you again for all the help you offered.{