Psychedelic / Plant Medicines

Open yourself to your full potential.

What is Psychedelic Therapy?

If you’ve been working on yourself for awhile, you’ve discovered how hard it is to go from learning something to actually integrating it into your sense of who you are.

This is because we store intellectual knowledge in very different areas than our memories and our emotions, and they normally only communicate when we’re actively processing these memories and emotions – a la therapy.

Psychedelic (from the Greek “psyche”: the mind & “delos”: to clear) medicines offer a way to integrate our different centers of self in a much more visceral way.

Microdoses of psychedelics allow new neural connections to form in our brains, and large doses can create ego dissolution: allowing us to re-wire our thoughts and perceptions in a more whole way than the traumatic/child-like circumstances that they were formed in.

If this is a new subject for you, Netflix has a great documentary here: (S01 E05)

If you’d like a deep education on the subject, I suggest Third Wave’s extensive library.

How can Psychedelic Therapy help?

Although I’m obviously not offering psychedelics online, 90% of the healing comes from therapy that helps make sense of an integrate psychedelic experiences into your daily life.

I’m also connected to plant medicine communities around the world, so I can connect you to guidance and planning in how to find respected retreats/facilitators in countries where these ceremonies are legal.

My Approach & Influences

I’ve been fortunate to receive training from psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and shamanic practitioners around the world.

I’ve had extensive experience in the therapeutic use of variety of medicines, including Psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, & 5-MeO DMT.

Integration sessions can help make sense of challenging experiences, unfinished emotions, and lead you towards practices that allow you to embody more of what you discover on your trips.