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Reddit Post

Post your issue on the attachment subreddit and and tag me ( mention /u/dacemars in your post).

If it’s a straightforward question that can help other people, I’ll answer within a day for free.


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A subreddit is an anonymous, public forum. When you post your question, please make sure no personally identifying details (names, location, occupations) are included.

Email/Direct Message

Not ready for therapy, but need a private, objective analysis of your DA/FA relationship so you can finally close the book (or know what to expect?)

Send as much detail about your situation as you can to

We’ll lay to rest those unanswered questions that have been bugging you.


More Details

My email is protected by confidentiality, you’re welcome to include as much personal detail as you’d like if you feel it’s relevant.

Please be aware that if there is a threat of harm to yourself, others, or children at risk, I’m legally obligated to report it to the police.

online therapy

Attachment-based psychoanalysis over video conferencing. To start, send an email with a description of your situation and availability (and time zone).

I have limited availability for this option, and prefer to only see clients with a disorganized/fearful-avoidant attachment.

If you’re unsure whether you have a disorganized attachment, I’ll have a test coming soon.


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