Tantra / Sex Therapy

Accept and express your sexual self.

What is Tantra?

Tantra refers to ancient philosophies and meditations that teach how to express our sexuality: without shame, repression or performance.

Although its most famous for its techniques for orgasm control and sexual stamina, those open the door to a much deeper relationship with your own body and emotions.

Most of all, they deepen the depth of connection and passion in relationships. By consciously exploring what we are attracted to in our partners, we learn to also love and express those parts of ourselves.

How can Tantric Sex Therapy help?

If you’ve found yourself struggling to get aroused, reach orgasm, or focus on your own pleasure: it can be really painful to seek help.

However, Western sex therapy tends to fall under three categories: pathologizing problems, enabling performance, or encouraging hedonism.

The Tantric approach will show you how to:

  • have full-body and multiple orgasms
  • let go of sexual compulsions and expectations
  • discover what really arouses and energizes you
  • find deeper intimacy and emotional vulnerability
  • unite conflicting parts of your sexuality

My Process 

You’ll learn breathing techniques and exercises that deepen your relationship to your sexual energy, and how to separate your own desires from other people’s expectations of you.

We’ll also cover how to create a comfortable, deeper intimacy with your partner. When we know how to create this feeling consciously instead of relying on the emotions or the day being right, our romantic connections become much more stable and supportive.

This work can be done whether you’re single or in a relationship.